Day 1 – Consultation

Prossy and I in May ’13

After a horrendous 5 days of travel involving 2 planes, 5 countries, 6 busses, 1 matatu (tiny African minibus), a few bribes and 2 vomits, …myself, Prossy and her teacher, Rebecca have finally arrived in Mwanza, Tanzania a day late for our appointment. I must say, Prossy was as good as gold throughout the journey and handled it much better than I did. Who would have thought taking a 3 year old Ugandan girl out of Uganda, through Rwanda and into Tanzania without a passport would be so difficult?!! 🙂

This morning we met the Rafika surgical team who are absolutely amazing. They were so pleased that they had caught Prossy at such an early age as they said all of her muscles in her neck and in and around her arm would have developed very badly causing her a lot of pain not to mention immobility.

For those of you with any medical knowledge she is booked in for surgery tomorrow for “Z Plasties to neck, FTSG to axilla and cubita”. For the rest of us, I am pretty sure that means she will have a Z shape snip the skin on the back of the neck and then two skin graphs, one between her upper arm and body and the other between her forearm and upper arm. This will give her full extension of her neck, arm and enable her to raise it right up too which she currently can
not do. The poor thing is completely oblivious to what will happen to her tomorrow and is running riot in the hospital ward like she’s on holiday.

The wards are obviously very different to what I have been used to in the past but not as bad as I had feared either. There are a lot of patients in there with various conditions so am not comfortable taking pictures just yet but hopefully I will have a few before I leave to show the amazing work Rafiki are doing out here.

I will be updating this blog each day and will get as many pictures as I can.

Kwa heri for now

Rocking new clothes from the donations


5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Consultation

  1. Well done Nicholas what you are doing is so inspiring and to give Prossy so much more mobility will be fantastic for her future – take care xx

  2. Nick – this is amazing! I have a tear in my eye. Looking forward to the next update and hope all goes well. Take care, Chrissy xx (Lenny’s sister, in case you forgot 🙂

  3. such a nice news:) so glad to hear that everything went well…i hope you guys will have a safe journey back to Uganda..yeliz xxx

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