Day 2 – The Big Day

Prossy and her teacher doing some colouring before her surgery

Prossy and her teacher doing some colouring before her surgery

So the big day is here and I think Prossy is still none-the-wiser although was a little peeved that she was not allowed anything to eat or drink until after her operation. Despite the lack of food and water she has had so much energy today ….running around the ward causing chaos and smacking the nurses on the bum when they weren’t looking. It was really funny to watch especially when she did it when they were busy with other patients…

More colouring...

More colouring…

There were a few emergencies today so her surgery got pushed back a bit and didn’t start until 4pm. I was worried about her being really confused when we took her to theatre but once we got down into the waiting area she just fell asleep and went in like that which was probably the best way for it to have happened.

Going into theatre asleep with the anesthetist, Taka Wild.

Going into theatre asleep with the anesthetist, Taka Wild.

The surgery itself lasted for a good three hours and she didn’t get back to the ward until 8pm, but the surgeons felt it was a real success. They ended up removing 90% of the burnt tissue as some of it was so severe it had burnt onto the muscle itself. The good thing about about this was that once they had removed the burns, her neck was fine so didn’t need to be cut. I am very happy about this as I think when she is older, and more conscious of her appearance, there will be less visible scarring when she is wearing clothes. They took all the skin from her bum and leg so I am expecting a grumpy little girl tomorrow morning and think I need to find a different method of getting her home as she won’t be happy sitting for that long this time, I’m guessing. Another bit of unexpected good news is that they released her ear that was burnt to her head and skin graphed it so it is a better shape. Rafiki state that they focus on practicality not cosmetic so I thought it was lovely of them to do that for her.

As you can see from the final pic, she came back to the ward out for the count with a big splint under her arm fashioned out of a bit of wood they found. The surgeons said that she was just asleep an nothing more so she is in for a shock when she wakes up. Think I need to go teddy hunting tomorrow on my way to the hospital.



Now it’s just a case of trying to make her comfortable whilst she begins to heal. She will have to go under anesthetic again on Friday to have her dressing changed as it will be too painful for her but after that the teacher and I will be shown how to do it ourselves. They will also make a plastic splint for her to keep her arm up ….if it looks like this one I will have to get two seats for her on the way home!


One thought on “Day 2 – The Big Day

  1. Looks like it went better than expected so that’s brill news, she’ll probably be in agony tomorrow, but will be so worth it in the days to come

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