Day 3 – What Surgery?

After spending an hour on the back of a motorbike trying and failing to find a soft toy for Prossy, I arrived at the hospital empty handed to find her sat on her mattress smiling away happy as Larry. Apart from the obvious large dressings you would never guess that she had just had surgery! The nurses were amazed!

Happy as Larry

Happy as Larry

After playing with her for a little bit the nurses needed my help to change the dressings on her leg and bum. She did not like this at all. First we laid her on a hospital bed and the nurses started removing the old dressings whilst I tried to distract her which immediately became clear was not going to work so I had to resort to holding her arm and head whilst trying calm her down. She was crying so much and screaming “moma” … It was quite heartbreaking to be honest but had to be done and this dressing can stay on until we get her home to the orphanage. I’m so glad they are going to put her under when they change the big one.

Prossy wobbling around

Prossy wobbling around

After that I went and got her a soda and some bread which seemed to fix everything. I don’t really like giving her sugary drinks but I made an exception this time. In Uganda dentists just pull teeth for the most part, especially in the villages so it’s not good for the children to have them. Then I had to take a trip into a crazy market in town to find some new knickers for her, a few tops that will go over her dressing and a potty – she can’t get into the toilet with her arm sticking out 🙂 I also got her a handkerchief which she loves and carries everywhere with her.

After speaking to some of the doctors here, I have found out that there is a Canadian pediatrician at the hospital so tomorrow I will try to find her and see if I am able to get Prossy a health check. Her teacher/first-aider and I have a few concerns about her and, as she has never had a health check before, I would feel a whole lot easier leaving knowing that everything is as it should be.

Prossy's ear

Prossy’s ear

After discussing it with the doctors, I think we will leave early next week sometime as we want to make sure everything is healing correctly. She will have her dressing changed on Monday now by the looks of things so we should know then. Doctors are scarce in Kabale to say the least and the Rafiki team don’t leave until Wednesday so think it’s best to stay there as long as possible. I looked into an alternative way to get home and think we will get the Lake Victoria ferry overnight from Mwanza to Bukoba just south of the Tanzania/Uganda border then it will only be 400km back to Kabale where the orphanage is. These ferries have been known to overload and sink from time to time so I don’t think I will sleep but Prossy will have a bed rather than a hot bumpy bus for 24 hours.

The nurses fitted the teddy with a splint too

The nurses fitted the teddy with a splint too

It’s safe to say that Prossy is a total hit with all the Rafiki staff, everyone loves her to bits and gives her all the attention she craves. I will write more about the Rafiki staff later but they really are incredible.

Us an some of the Rafiki team

Us an some of the Rafiki team


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