Day 4 – Halfway Point

It was more of the same at the hospital so there is not a great deal to update on, unfortunately. Prossy was her happy little self although slightly fatigued from the events of the last few days.

I managed to catch up with an actual medical doctor at the hospital today (most people in white coats are not qualified doctors) that I befriended a few days back. I explained the situation and that I would like Prossy to have a full health check before we leave and he said it was no problem once she has healed a little bit. This is amazing as the hospital has a very limited number of qualified MDs (around 10 I have been told) serving an area with over a million people so think it’s great that she is going to have this.

Loving the balloon!

Loving the balloon!

Tomorrow I hope to be in theatre with the surgeons to see how they go about their work. I had dinner with them tonight and have a set of scrubs put by for me ….I am also hoping to go into theatre with Prossy on Monday for her dressing change. It would be great to get a good look at what they have done and, of course, any pictures I get will be posted on this blog.


One thought on “Day 4 – Halfway Point

  1. What an amazing journey for you and how life changing for prossy. I look forward to your updates daily.
    Well done to you and all the other people involved in this But will are especially proud of you. Keep the blogs coming.

    Love mum and dad

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