Day 5 – Day of Rest

Today was another day of well deserved rest and recuperation for Prossy. This is great but does not give me much material for this blog đŸ™‚

Since the surgery on Tuesday my days have mostly consisted of visiting the hospital two or three times a day to make sure that everything is ok and to play with Prossy for a few hours. The hospital does not provide food for patients so at first I was having to run around town three times a day with Tupperware pots trying to find some nutritious food to take back for them. Fortunately for all of us, I have since met local woman who prepares fresh local food and delivers it three times a day to the ward. My Swahili is pretty basic so they would generally end up with either the same stuff or something totally random and not very tasty.

When I arrived this morning both Prossy and her teacher, Rebecca, were asleep on the mattress. Prossy had her arm up in the air and it was getting higher and lower with every breath. It was quite funny to see…
I spoke to the nurses about leaving on Tuesday evening next week and they were happy with this. The dressings will be changed on Monday morning so if there are any problems this leaves us with a bit of time to get it sorted. After they gave me the thumbs up I went to the port and booked the tickets for the ferry on Tuesday evening. I was slightly apprehensive because of their safety record but the alternative is pretty bad too so I booked us a first-class cabin (not as fancy as it sounds, trust me) on the top deck ….at least we’ll be first out if anything happens. Then just the animals in the water to deal with…

Presuming no ferry sinking/animal attack situations arise, I am hoping to have Prossy back at the orphanage safe and sound on Wednesday evening. I am actually looking forward to taking her on her first boat and seeing her reaction. All smiles as usual I reckon!


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