Day 7 – One Week In

This morning I arrived at the hospital with a watermelon, pineapple, bananas and worming tablets. I was wondering how someone so small could eat so much!

Breakfast time

Breakfast time

As I stated previously, it was a day off for the Rafiki staff so everything was a bit slow in the ward today. I did manage to get permission to take a few pics of the ward though..



…you may have noticed on previous pictures, Prossy’s bed is not in this ward. Her teacher got her mattress and set up camp in the main lobby area so they actually have the best bed in the house. The Rafiki staff love playing around with Prossy so I don’t think anyone has the heart to move them.

I took her to the playroom again today and I found some puzzles for her to do. I was amazed at the speed she completed them in …I gave her four in the end and she had finished each one before I could find the next. Whilst she was playing in there I had a look around the burns unit that the room is in and, to my horror, I saw that they do not dress burns at the hospital but rather leave them open to air (and flies). I saw some terrible burns on young children and they will be in agony with it being open like that. I have been told that the rate of infection is very high but due to lack of resources, they are all left like that. As I was looking around the wards I heard a horrific scream come from the end of the corridor, it was the sort of scream you don’t ignore, so I ran down and turned the corner to find a mother that had just lost her baby. I don’t think I have ever seen somebody in so much distress …it was really quite upsetting.

Puzzled? Not a chance.

Puzzled? Not a chance.

Tomorrow is a big day and I am very excited to see what the surgeons have done. Prossy was not even able to raise her arm as high as it is now in the splint so I think it will be a big change for her. I have a feeling that she will not even remember this in a few weeks and I kind of hope that is that case.


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