Day 8 – Perfect Day

I mentioned previously that I was excited about today as it would be the day when we got a first glimpse at the work the Rafiki team have done on young Prossy and I wasn’t disappointed. We went into theatre and I was promptly handed a chair just in case I decided to keel over at what was underneath. Luckily for everyone, the combination of me not being very squeamish and everything looking good underneath the dressings meant that I didn’t need the chair after all. I have to admit, when the dressings came off I thought it looked a bit gross still, mainly due to my eye being untrained but the surgeon was very pleased with it as was everyone else in the room. They said that they thought she was a healthy little girl and would have no problem recovering from this.

It was pretty incredible to be in there and see it for myself. As you can see from the following picture, her arm is fully raised which she could get nowhere near before the op…

She was not amused when she came to…

...even my hair net didn't help

…even my hair net didn’t help

Nothing a packet of stickers couldn’t sort out though…

The surgeon, Barry, told me that the aftercare is as important as the surgery itself and she will need to have a splint at night, do exercises and have the area massaged twice daily so tomorrow I will speak with the team and try and get a care plan written down to give to the Amazing Love School to make sure she gets the maximum from this procedure.

Dave, Steve, Myself and Barry (Prossy's surgeon)

Dave, Steve, Myself and Barry (Prossy’s surgeon)

After some food and a sleep I took Prossy to the play room again to try and get her moving and using her arm. I think she is used to using one arm after the last 6 days but when she didn’t think about it she was raising up a big ball and stacking small chairs up high so she will get there slowly, I’m sure. Tomorrow evening we begin our return journey so here’s hoping she gets stronger still as each day passes.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Perfect Day

  1. What a brilliant result! When we were there ALS had a nurse, Betty. If she is still around she would be great to continue Prossy’s treatment. Our prayers and thoughts are with you for a safe return tomorrow evening.

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