End of The Road

After a few days of travelling (and not being able to get on the internet), We arrived back in Kabale safe and sound on Wednesday evening. The journey was far better than the previous one even if the boat was a bit dodgy. Prossy seemed to be happy to be back in familiar surroundings and especially to see her grandmother.

Prossy with her grandmother

Prossy with her grandmother

Prossy soaking my leg whilst sleeping on the bus…


The director of the orphanage has arranged for Prossy to stay in with a teacher at the school until she recovered a bit more. I am very happy with this as the staff there can keep an eye on her and look out for infections etc. She already seems to be moving her arm and using it a lot more so I feel happy leaving her knowing that she is on the up.

So, it’s the end of the road, for this lil’ lady at least. It has been a wonderful and emotional ride but it is now time for me to begin the long journey home. Prossy is a special little girl and I am so happy that her future looks a little bit brighter following this surgery. Here’s to one brave and very special little girl.

Back at ALS

Back at ALS

I will update some pictures on this blog in a few months so we can see how she has healed.


3 thoughts on “End of The Road

  1. What a fantastic ending to a very sad situation. Prossy has been through a lot and yet she always seems to be a happy little girl. Funny how life turns out a chance meeting when u meet prossy and u have managed to change her start in life. Well done to you

  2. Well done nick been lovely to see each day how she has improved, and will continue to improve and when you visit next time she will be a lot more mobile with her arm and you have made this happen, you have dedicated your time and love to prossy, and a friendship that will continue in the future I am sure. So proud of you Nick, safe journey home xx

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